Research / Training / Creation

L A B / Laboratory Actors Berlin is a studio dedicated to theatre research, training and creation. It organizes workshops, intensive circles and long-term classes.

The research focuses on the actor’s preparation (physical, vocal, emotional) and it creates the frame to explore different ways of using the physical and vocal instrument of the actor in order to discover, elaborate and transmit the emotional state of the theatre character.

The training aims to help the actor break his automatisms and reach a stage expression beyond his physical habits and clichés. The actor will work not towards a body that moves, but towards a body free of personal blockings and transparent enough to communicate a story, through movement or stillness.

The creation work aspires to provide the actor with the necessary tools to explore his body and voice potentials, in order to create and support a theatre character on stage or film.

Areas of research: body and space relation / physical and vocal actions / creation of score and subscore / breathing of actor and character / rhythm and break of rhythm / materials and resistance of movement / physical and emotional unbalance / connection theatre text and actor’s voice / contrapuntos in body and dramaturgy / interaction between organic and narrative dramaturgy / from physical awareness to actor’s presence.




Acting is a procedure of broadening your personal limits. An emotional opening in order to embrace the other.
It demands generosity and courage from the part of the actor.
Abandon your daily body and shape the body of the character. Make space to your emotional world and dare to trigger and permit the emotion of the character.
A professional actor should develop his/her personal technique and keep in constant training (mental, emotional, physical) through-out his life. This is a profession of life-long learning and a work of perseverance, precision and detail.
In order to embrace the other you must be ready to abandon yourself.
Technique is there to create the rigid frame, within which, you are given the freedom to meet and explore the other.

In the end, becoming the other, takes you closer to yourself.
For all others, exist within you.

Christina Kyriazidi