Christina Kyriazidi is a Greek theatre maker based in Berlin. MVI_9222

She has studied Acting (BA) and Playwriting (MA) in Greece and the UK (University of Exeter). She has performed as an actor in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Brazil and Argentina.

She lived and trained with El Baldio Teatro (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2005-2006). She participated in the 14th ISTA (INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY, Grotowski Center, 2005), in the Gardzienice Theatre Summer Residency (Poland, 2007), in the art residency GENERATION of the BrandNewProject (Ireland, 2010) and in the Intensive Summer School of Commedia dell’Arte of Teatro Punto (France, 2011). She has taken workshops, among others with Thomas Richards, Rodrigo Garcia, Gennadi Bugdanov, Yoshi Oida, Masaki Iwana, Yumiko Yoshioka.

She participated as a dancer-performer in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, and as an actor in the performances “Ur-Hamlet” (Italy, Denmark 2006, Poland 2009) and “The Marriage of Medea” (Denmark 2008) of Odin Teatret, directed by Eugenio Barba.

She has created 13 solo performances presented in Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and Argentina and several short performances presented in performance events and festivals in Berlin. She also took part as an actor in different collaboration projects.

She works as an actor, director, researcher, writer and theatre coach in Berlin.

In 2010, she founded in Berlin the theatre company marinaio teatro and a year later the International Theatre Festival: KNOTS exchange meeting of theatre groups. She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a training, research and creation platform for young actors.

As a writer, she has written several plays, poems, and short stories in Greek, English, Spanish and French, she has staged the plays “ΜΙΛΑ” (SPEAK UP) (Entropia Theatre, Athens 2004), “ΑΝΑΠΝΟΕΣ” (BREATHINGS) (Greek National Theatre – Research Scene, Athens 2004) and was awarded by the Greek National Union of Writers for her play “ΦΘΙΝΟΠΩΡΙΝΗ ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΗ” (AUTUMN MEETING) (2002). Her play “FOREST UNDER THE SEA” (2013) won the Brasilian Price “FUNARTE – Ministério da Cultural do Brasil” and it was produced and presented in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil in 2015 and toured in Brazil in 2016. Her play “LA VIE EN BRONZE” was presented in the “FTF #6; Festival du Théâtre Francophone” in Berlin in 2016. Her last play “Les Muêts” (THE MUTES) was selected as one of the 5 european plays to participate to the “PIIGS Festival 2016 – Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi” in Barcelona.

She speaks Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German and she plays the accordion.

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